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Southend Shakedown Easter Monday 6 April


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The annual Ace Cafe Shakedown to Southend is happening on Easter Monday, 6th April.

We'll probably go straight to Southend, via Bonniebird's brothers place in Rayleigh......aiming to arrive in Southend around 12:00.

Anyone interested in meeting up to either ride down or meet there let us know....... 8-)


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I'm not a fan of crowds either.........but just seeing that number of bikes and bikers is pretty awesome...... 8-)


yep, loads of bikes!

i filmed this last year:


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Myself and Joeman will be meeting here at 11am, anyone fancy coming to meet us and head down together???


Lakeside Retail Park

Cygnet View

West Thurrock, Essex RM20 1TX

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yes, it was chilly in leathers!

we had a few disasters on the way... i'll let Phil explain ;)

of the four of us who met at Lakeside, only two of us made it to southend, and we only stayed for about 40mins before deciding it was likely to rain.

great to see all the bikes though

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Phil's gone very quiet..... :wink:

Hahaha, oh dear what happened? Saw a lot of bikes out, several weekend warriors with matching kit, matching bike and chicken strips wider than on my 125 :lol: , and one bike accident (aftermath of, lots of people there so didn't stop). Hope everyone had a great day, was lovely weather in the morning/early afternoon :thumb: . I spent it with family and gave my nephew his birthday pressie (a big, plastic yellow ride-on digger!) :mrgreen:

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Eh... I couldn't even be bothered to type out what happened. It sucks. Even more so because I got everyone together so always feel partly responsible for making sure it's smooth and well enjoyed. Anyway, here it is...

Had a slow puncture for a while, it had been plugged but was seeping air, so Sunday evening I decided to re-plug it to make it better... turns out I made it worse...

After I got to the meeting location, I saw I was down to around 20psi, so decided to re-plug it and start again. Pumped up, air still coming out. Shit.

Re-plugged again. One plug left now.

Seemed to be fine, no air coming out even at 42psi. Result!

However... the triple figures I turned out appeared to have made the plug a bit... er... weaker. :lol: :lol: :lol: Ooops... now I'm on the dual carriageway with a flat rear (and it was literally FLAT). We all pull into the lay-by and Joe reminds me of his earlier suggestion of the slime. I was really hesitant about this due to Stu's thread about what it done to his wheels... but alas, we had no choice.

I plugged it with my last plug (this is now my 4th for the day!), used my last CO2 canister and we rode like grandmas to the nearest BP station (5 miles). Slimmed it up and it was seaping out all over the place from the hole. Anyway, begrudingly departed the clan with my apologies and went back home, avoiding motorways and duals.

Stopped about 8 miles later to pump up my tyre, which was now at 8psi... and rode home. Didn't feel any loss of control halfway home so went a bit quicker and enjoyed what was left of my horrible morning / afternoon.

Got home and the tyre was fine. Should have slimmed it earlier!

ANYWAY... I have a BT-023 coming either tomorrow or the next day (it was already on order) so will fit it as soon as it arrives but yeah... shit day for me and hate to be the guy that spoils everyone else's day but... it doesn't happen often and I'm due a mishap :lol:

*as for Nick, Joe* - he only really came for a good ride afterwards which I said I'd be doing... but when I went home (obviously being the heart of the group apparently LOL) he decided to cut out. You see how much pressure is on me to not have things go wrong!? hahaha. Ah well. Had a good bunch of guys helping me out and it's really appreciated.

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Bad luck Phil.......I'm not sure I trust these plug things.......sudden tyre deflation at speed is the last thing you need....... :shock:

I captured it on video...

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