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Essentials of bike maintenance: Top 10?

Guest Eanx

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For someone who had just bought their first bike and know nothing about them other than how to put petrol in, what would be the top 10 maintenance tasks a new owner should learn in order to keep the bike in good working order?

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Also learn how to take the brakes off and clean them thoroughly every 3-6 months depending on how much you use the bike.

Then simple servicing which you can easily do yourself:

Oil and oil filter

Air filter

Spark Plugs

Brake fluid

Should keep you in good running order and save you some pennies by not taking it to a garage :cheers:

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Tyre Pressures

Keep an eye on Oil and Water.

Clean and Lubricate the chain.


As above, Keep tyre pressure correct

Keep your oil level correct - let engine cool off so you can get accurate measure of your level and make sure the bike is level not on the side stand

Clean the chain thoroughly (Everyone has different method) chain cleaner from halfords works well, i'm about to try parraffin myself. Then lubricate it thoroughly

Keep an eye on tyre wear, don't let them get to low.

Brake fluid is worth doing but every 4k miles should be fine. (Get a tube that stops air going back makes life easier)

Brake pads, keep an eye on these. they tend to have little markers on them if you look close enough

Put ACF-50 over the bike (this applies mostly to winter riding)

Keep the bike clean.

Check the electrics are working every time you ride. Personally i just check the front lights and brake lights turn on correctly.

Might be worth getting a haynes manual for your bike if they do one =)

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Not necessarily in order of priority but for me, you should know;

1) How to adjust your rear wheel for chain tightening / loosening.

2) How to change your oil.

3) What tyre pressures to use on what rides / temperatures for optimum rideability.

4) How to change your brakes.

5) How to plug a tyre (fix a puncture).

6) How to bleed your brake fluid.

7) How to change your coolant.

8) How to adjust your levers to suit you.

9) How to change bulbs & fuses.

10) How to use a jet spray properly :lol: :lol: :lol:

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Check oil level

Check tyre pressures and condition of tyres

Clean/lube/adjust chain

Check/adjust clutch cable

Check coolant level

Check lights and replace bulbs when necessary

Check brake pads and brakes for correct operation

Check suspension for leaks and correct movement

These are the basics in my opinion..... :wink:

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