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Motorbike test question.

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Hi everyone, I have module 1 coming up next week. It's my first attempt at it and I have been doing it perfectly on the direct access course.

Then as you know it's on to module 2 and the one thing I am worried about is safety checks.

When following my instructor he is looking all the time and to be honest it just confused me. Don't get me wrong I know looks are important but I am just really confused when to do them, I have been riding for 3 years on my 125 and I do a lot of checks but not nearly as much that are being done when on the lesson.

Any tips would be handy as this is what I'm most worried about, also when to do checks in module 1?

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Hi. On the mod 1 you need to do checks before moving off every time. The examinor will be watching for these from the moment you get hold of the bike to push it into the compound until you get off the bike at the end.

How far along with the training are you. I would sit down with your instructor and ask if you are unsure of anything. He/she will be more than happy to explain your lifesavers. My instructor would scream at me anytime I forgot a lifesaver, you soon remember to do them then.

All the best

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Thanks for the reply! Test is next week. Do I have to look before I get on the bike are just when I'm moving off? Also when I'm dismounting the bike?

It's all quite confusing, I find my self looking stupid and having my head turn every shape.

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I was told just before moving off including the pushing manoeuvres at the start. On the U-turn you need to do shoulder checks before moving off. Start moving then do a lifesaver then keep moving forward and then do your u-turn.

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Observe, Observe, Observe!

Park your bike facing the test pad when you arrive at the centre and locate the motorbike parking (makes it easier on yourself).

Do a lifesaver over both your left and right shoulder before attempting each part of the test, including taking your bike form the parking space to the test pad.

Everything the examiner tells you to do, lifesaver both ways before doing.. but the bike in neutral at all times inbetween maneuver while s/he is talking.

U-Turn.. life saver both ways slow control forward.. shoulder check (left shoulder if turning left, vis versa) and then perform the turn.

Manual handling make sure you look all around before moving the bike and again when it's on the side stand in the opposite box, also ensure you put the bike (facing the fence/wall) into the right hand box this way you get to stand to the left of the bike and take it's weight making it much easier to move into the other box.

Never.. attempt any part of the test without making observations before hand, if the examiner hasn't witnessed you do your shoulder checks (ie; walking across the test pad) then do them again to demonstrate you know what your doing..

All in all seems silly and un-needed as you now it's just you and him/her.. but is a requirement of the test.

Good luck :thumb:

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I think it's in relation to for example..

You're going down the motorway, ahead you see traffic has stopped so you slow your speed down accordingly. Unfortunately for you the BMW van driver is to busy drinking his red bull and reading the sun to notice. Now, if you check your mirror you would see this vehicle is not paying attention and as such you can get out of his way before you become a permanent pillion.

Best to listen to your instructor and do what he says, he is training you to pass your tests. After you can ride how you like (sensibly please :D )

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