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Yamaha xv535 fuel pump problems


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Hi guys,

I have finally got my xv 535 running, and now just need to sort the fuel pump. The live wire between the pump and relay is dead. The question is, does the pump always run when the ignition is on, just when the ignition is running, or is it regulated somehow by the carb?

I cant seem to find the source of the problem, if the pump is always on with the ignition or engine running then I'm going to put a switch on the sidecasing and bypass the relay all together. If not, then how do I fix it?

Cheers peoples

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Nah, I know it works, I've done that already when I touch the live from the pump straight to the live on the battery with another piece of wire. I need to know if the pump is regulated by the relay. I think it is because of the terminology in the Haynes manual.

I was wondering if I could bypass the entire relay system by putting a manual switch from the pump to the battery, and mount the switch onto my side casing, below the seat, and just flick it on whenever I ride. Though, if it is regulated by the relay then the carbs would flood because the pump would be on constantly.

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Dunno on that bike, but a lot of bikes with a fuel pump have a tilt switch that kills power to the pump in the event of a drop.....so maybe check that out too if it has one.... :wink:

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