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I appreciate this is a motorbike forum, but I know a lot of you drive cars as well, so I want to share a few tips I've come across in the past. Please note - you CANNOT lie to your insurance, but these tips should help reduce the cost of premiums. (I will only be showing fixed rates, not quotes from black box services)

For me, personally, a ford KA, third party only, kept in a locked garage and only used for up to 1000 miles a year with the cover starting today would cost me £1,101.96. Keep that figure in mind before we start messing around with the options.

First tip: millage.

as I said, you CANNOT lie to your insurance company, so look at the wording. If you are likely not to use the car much (why would you if you have a bike?) and your insurance company asks you what millage you expect to do, but give the possible answers with the wording "up to", you could, in theory put "up to one million miles" and not be lying.

The following is what I have found for said ford KA, but the same pattern is seen with any car:

UP TO 1000 miles - £1086.70

UP TO 2000 miles - £987.23

UP TO 3000 miles - £944.93

UP TO 4000 miles - £929.61

UP TO 5000 miles - £933.39

You can clearly see here, that UP TO 4000 miles gives the best result

Second tip: where the car is parked overnight

In a locked garage - £929.61

In an unlocked garage - £916.87

in a carport - £916.79

On the driveway - £916.79

On the road at home - £916.87

In a residential car park - £916.87

in a secure car park - £916.87

in an unsecure carpark - £916.87

The two main points to pick out from above are between a locked garage (presumably the most secure) and an unlocked garage.

I have been told in the past that you pay more to keep your car in a garage, and this proves it. Presumably because if a thief has to break in, they are going to take what ever is in there, even if they don't know whats in there before hand. Nobody is going to break into somewhere and then proceed not to take anything.

Third tip: cover level

So, you may be thinking, comprehensive cover is going to cost me so much more than third party only. You may be right, or you may be wrong. I have heard of cases of comprehensive being cheaper than third party only, but in my case, the following applies.

Third party only - £916.87

Third party, fire and theft - £916.87

Comprehensive - £916.87

All three are exactly the same, yet you will receive much more cover from comprehensive.

Last tip: date of cover start

Cover starting today - £916.87

Cover starting tomorrow - £856.37

Cover starting in 7 days - £733.52

Cover starting in 14 days - £733.53

Cover starting in 29 days (maximum) - £735.64

Remember that original price we were given? £1,101.96. Now we are at £733.52. That's a saving of £368.44, plus the added bonus of comprehensive cover, over the original third party only, just by LEGALLY changing four options on the questionnaire.

Unfortunately, the same changes to the millage don't make a difference to bike insurance, but it just goes to show, you shouldn't presume anything. Have a fiddle with the options next time your looking for a quote, BUT KEEP IT LEGAL

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