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GSX 650F 2011


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So i got this back last spring with 5000 miles on it, just hit 17,000. I wount list the full spec of the bike as there is more than enough info on that readily available.


To start off the price, picked up mine for a touch over £4000 with full service history, which wasnt much to be fair. this was through a dealer and you can pick up them up a bit cheaper again especially if you dont mind an extra few miles.

Performance isnt bad at all, i think Suzuki are pushing it a bit calling this a sport tourer but with 90bhp its not exactly lacking, ok its not going to keep up with dedicated sports bikes but once you start to learn the bike its surprisingly quick.

Handling, front and rear are adjustable. Front pre load only, Rear preload and rebound. now most people say have a bit of an issue here in that they feel its all to soft and relaxed, now no matter how hard this bike tries to look like a GSXR its not, its a sports tourer so it is going to be softer, personally ive never found it an issue but i am only 9st.

Tyre ive had in the past were Bridge stone BT023's and were an excellent choice, plenty of grip and saved me on more than one occasion where i thought id made a terrible mistake.

Last change i was talked into a Maxis budget tyre, owner of the local bike shop had them on his bike and raved about them, £100 with fitting i though it was worth a go, had it on all winter and im astounded you can get so much tyre for the money, its handled frost, grit and rain, just had the front fitted with a maxis also.

I should note, this isnt a dedicated sports tyre and that if you like to push your ability and your bikes performance im sure you will find the limit of this tyre.

Brakes, probably could do with a bit more effort here, the rear is fine and pretty responsive, the front tho arnt quite as sharp as i would like even after swapping out the stock pads. Its not a major issue and the bike has twice stopped when i was sure i was going to hit someone but on the next calliper rebuild planned in a few months i will be getting some braided hoses to see if that has a positive effect.

A pain here has been the crappy bolts used, 6 or the 8 calliper retainer bolts stripped recently even though i used copper grease on them. Will drill them in the coming weeks and replace them with non Suzuki ones.

Comfort, now we are talking. This is a very very comfy bike to ride, even with a skinny ass like mine. The seat is nice and wide, also height adjustable. ridden from south Wales to London and back without an issue. My partner who rides pillion when she isnt on her 125 has mentioned she would like the rear foot-pegs a little lower which isnt possible without buying a smaller exhaust, bit of a pain and im sure this is personal preference.

Reliability, no complaints here at all, mentioned the stripped Calliper bolts which is a pain but i would say if you have attempted to dismantle the brakes then you have the ability to use a drill and screw extractor to get the bolts out. Neutral light failed recently due some grime building up on the gear position sensor, quick clean and it was working fine again.

Maintenance, few grumbles here, i dont know who keeps deciding to put bike oil filter behind the exhaust manifold but please stop, and why would you make it so i need to remove the thermostat housing so get a spark plug out?

Its all pretty basic stuff and nothing out of the ordinary.

Summery, this is a cracking bike, bit on the heavy side but its all low down so you dont feel it once you get moving, its a relatively relaxed bike, the inline 4 engine is quiet and smooth untill you make it work and when you do it responds well which is ideal for overtakes. i mention quiet there because this is a quiet bike, if your not in the habit of making noise when filtering your defiantly going to need louder pipes

Its not the fastest bike by any margin but in no way can i call it boring, i wouldnt call it a sports touring bike, but a pretty dam solid general purpose bike, spent the spring and summer around south/mid Wales, trips to London, motorways and a winter on the roads of Gloucestershire and its never let me down.

Now the big question would i buy it again? on a similar budget then yes i would without question, on a bigger budget id want the new VFR 800F


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