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I know it's not the time of year but talking to my instructor yesterday about clothing he said mentioned layers for winter and said to get base layers go to Sports Direct. Last night I ordered 2 thermal tops, 2 thermal pants, 2 Karrimor balaclava and a pr of Karrimor thermal liner gloves. Reviews for the products were pretty good and I spent a total of £21.95!

Worth checking out while they have the stock

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Yaaaaay, thanks so much! Have been wearing the same thermal vest my mum got me from the old lady's Damart catalogue since I was 14 :lol: ! Bought two - a hoodie one and a normal one - woop! I'm always cold so this is pretty exciting for me :mrgreen: :thumb:

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I used to buy the in the sale thermal tops and then this Christmas I was bought a Ice Breaker top to take skiing with me and I am now converted!

I wore a vest, the base layer and my ski jacket and I was roasting lol to the point I had all the vents open. Next day wore the "sale" thermal and the difference was very noticeable.

Got back and tested it on the bike and now I wear a vest, the Ice Breaker base layer and if its not raining my normal summer leather jacket with the liner out and I'm lovely and toasty even when its 0 degrees and under!

Now the killer - the base layers are £60+ :(

They also have the antimicrobial treatment so they say you can wear them for two weeks exercising and not need to wash them and I was surprised as I was skiing for 6 days and it still smelled fresh at the end of the week so I find its perfect as most of my other thermal stuff would be smelling by the second wear :(

Legs I just wear the standard thermal long johns and they work fine with the hood Kevlar jeans as they stop pretty much all wind coming through thanks to the lovely thick aramid fibres :)

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