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Oxford Optimiser 600

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Hi All,

Had my Oxford Optimiser 600 for around 7 years now, A few months ago some people came to the house to fit a new electric meter and they unplugged the bike, I didn't realise until it was to late and the battery had died. Battery charger wouldn't recover it.

Bought a new battery and bike fires up :) , When I plug in the Oxford now though only the green light comes on to say its plugged in... none of the battery lights come on?

is it knackered?

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there is a really quick and easy way to check it if you have a multimeter

just read the voltage at the plug thats attached to the bike

if no reading you have a wiring fault or blown fuse

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Having issues with my Oximiser 600, hasn't ever worked on my XJ6 but did on the YBR.

Going to test it on the missus CBF @ the weekend. If it works i'll borrow the permanent lead from her's and see if it works.

Checked the fuses on mine, all fine.

When it inevitable breaks i'm going to be getting an Optimate, haven't heard much negative about them.

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Right, I borrowed an multimeter and checked the lead that is connected to the battery. That is fine, showing 13.15.

Turned the unit on and....nothing. Zero. The only light that is showing on the unit is the green light to show it is switched on, obviously this is because it's not connected to the battery. Should the multimeter show any current coming from the unit?

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no resting voltage is fine

although I have never seen a battery with that high a resting voltage! unless its not long after running/charging?

it does seem as though the charger is past its best!

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Yeah I'd not long been stopped. I'll check the lead in the morning.

This is the first time I've used a multimeter, so not 100% sure what to look for lol.

The Optimate is pretty much brand new. Got it just before Xmas. Only used it twice and then had my suspicions it wasn't working properly due to the lights so watched a YouTube video and here I am.

Got it off eBay from a reputable company so may get in touch with them and see what they can do. I think I might just be inside the 180 PayPal days.

Cheers Stu

EDIT: Bugger. Bought it in October from a company on Amazon

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its a brand new bike.. why would you need to use a battery minder? get it sorted in time for next winter when you turn into a wuss.

and in the meantime ride the bloody thing to keep your battery topped up.. i know thats a bizarre idea. but it works for me. the 800 hasn't been on a minder since November!!

oh.. and by the way. 19 weeks. :mrgreen: or 133 days in old money.

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