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dodgy cold running and hot start. ..


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Ok guys so first issues of the year!

Thursday, did about 40 miles, filled the bike up and when I set off it kept juddering like it was going to stall. Pulled over, few good revs and it seemed fine. Fine all the way to her house...aanother 30 miles or so.

This afternoon we set off and the bike (cold) is juddering really bad, like it's about to cut out, but doesn't actually stop. Stalled it once (must be me but didn't realise and adamant I didnt) but it started fine, after a mile or two hit nsl and it was fine for an hour. Stopped for a bit, set off (bike warmish still), all fine for 15 mins.

Stop at bmw_daves for two minutes and bike won't start from hot. It starts then immediately dies. Start it and give it some revs and it's ok, stalls at the end of the road, starts again fine and then behaves for the rest of the day!

Any ideas? No warning lights, bikes just had new plugs and filters all round. Petrol was tesco premium but I have used that before without issues, and wouldn't explain running fine once it was going. I wonder if it's the ecu going mad or fuel pump on its way out?

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It only started playing up after the fuel stop Alex?..........I'd be suspicious of the quality of the fuel........drain the tank and try some fuel from another source first...... :shock:

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I know it did cross my mind, but seems wierd to be intermittent. Id expect fuel to be constantly a bit off. Almost empty now so off to shell in the morning. Hope its just an iffy fuel.

Have also put a tank bag on, i put a bit of camping mat underneath to avoid scratching the tank , but it seals tight around the fuel filler cap. Wondering if that's mucking things up?

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This exact thing happened to mine, i took to a mechanic and he said dodgy fuel, so he did what he thought to fix it and it didn't sort the problem. Turned out it was a faulty ignition coil and when we took the tank off we could see a spark, changed the coil and the bike ran fine after.

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Went out for a few miles today now sans tank bag.

Bike appears to have ran fine. Not wearing ear plugs in order to better hear the engine...not so. How people ride without ear plugs I dont know, at 50 it was horrendous.

Anyway, possible root causes:

1 - Tank bag seals cap, causes vacuum/fuelling issues doesnt explain why suddenly started near immediately after fill (and having done 50 miles with the bag on and no issues)

2 - bike throwing paddy for no apparent reason

3 - dodgy fuel, just took a while for fresh fuel to dilute old enough to sort it out - hence why still misbehaved immediately after filling up with new shell fuel but now fine

4 - I'm a tool, got fuel around the giant hole into the tank by not really being careful enough (for those unfamiliar with triumph sprint this would allow fuel around the inner 'skin' of the tank while still inside the outer skin/painted surface). Said fuel needed to evaporate/escape...couldnt due to tank bag, therefore causing issues

so looks good to use the bike this weekend, however I do REALLY like my tank bag (very handy) and cant decide if I should just chuck it back on and see what happens...thoughts?

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I would be inclined to drain ALL of the fuel and and check for water in the petrol

petrol floats on water and filling up will stir the water up

this is purely for peace of mind

although it could also be electrical :?

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hmmm yeah but it was stuttering immediately after setting off, with plenty of fuel in and having sat still for a day, so I am doubtful its water on the fuel. Draining was my least favourite option.

As she hasn't properly died (just got grumpy when cold and stalled a couple of times), and todays ride went well, I am tempted to try and ride this weekend, if starts stuttering again then shes in for fuel drain

Hell - I have breakdown cover for a reason! I gotta make it to the TMBF meet!

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dont doubt it too much

as I say water sinks and sits on the bottom of the tank so its always at the pick up point

with the bike been sat you may just be getting enough settlement in the fuel for all the water to drop to the bottom and a bit to get picked up

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Hmmm yeah didn't read that right I saw it as water floats duh!

Doesn't explain why it was ok today though after a week of just sitting still.

I think I'll just have to ride some more and see what happens, or doesn't!

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