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das booked (july 2015)

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got a few months before it happen, any hints or advice?


Don't book your Module 2 before you have the Module 1 pass certificate in your hand.

Also get yourself down to an empty car park on your 125 and do some cone bashing, measure of the distances and get used to doing the different parts of the tests, it all help teach you the basics of control on a much more forgiving bike that wont shoot a 100 miles into the distance and throw you off if you let the clutch out to fast.

Basics like observations before moving off, look where you want to go, slow moving clutch and throttle control, being confident in getting 32mph in 2nd gear, ability to countersteer.

Took me about 1-2 hours of cone bashing on my 125 the day before my actual Mod 1, aced all the slow control parts of the test, failed on the latter.

Get used to really compressing your front forks and breaking sharply when attempt the emergency stop.

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If you do book both (as I did) make sure you leave 4 (might be 3..can't remember!) working days in-between, that way if you fail the mod 1, you won't lose you're fee when you have to cancel/reschedule your mod 2. I'm sure you'll be fine, mod 1 is about controlling your nerves as much as anything!

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If you're doing DAS i'm sure your instructor will arrange the tests for when you are ready although i would have thought they would be included in the course fees (or at least one attempt anyway)

My 3 day DAS was 2 days of riding and practicing exercises for Mod 1 and learning the routes while errors were being nit picked and the last day was a quick practice for the Mod 1 in the morning followed by the Mod1 test and then another brief ride around before the early afternoon Mod 2 test.

Yes they were both on the same day with big potential for things to go wrong but the instructor i was using included additional training if necessary in the cost so must have been pretty confident with his training techniques.

See what your instructor recommends though, it's in their best interests for you to pass and pass on good comments/recommendations.

Bet ya can't wait !!

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already softening up the misses for when i get a bigger bike....... its something off my bucket list.... next will be an evening with kelly Brook..... thought i would get the easy stuff out the way. :P

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