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cbr 600 faulty generator


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ive had a little problem of the battery draining for a while and i got a new rectifier and battery at the end of last year hoping that the battery drain was fixed but I have used it this week and the batterys died again. I charged it over night and this morning it was reading 12.4 and when the bike started and rev'd it never got over 13.4, but when the lights are on it dropped to just over 12, what do you guys think is it the generator not charging properly or is the anywhere else I can check that could be causing it? I watched a video on how to check the generator but I cant get to the plug easily without removing the tank. oh and anyone know where I could get a new generator that's not a Honda part because its £400 and that's probs a third of what my 1998 cbr 600 is worth.

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I have had many fun and games with generators.

Basically, if you have replaced the rectifier, and the battery is still bad, then it is battery or generator. It really is a 3 part system on sports bikes. Obviously, the wiring between them could also be the issue.

As for the generator, on your bike it is more than likely just the stator that needs to be replaced. You have two options, you can buy a non genuine one (which will be fine) or send your one off to get re-wound. This will be about £80 quid.

Here is an example of a stator you can buy... about £50. It is from the states (and not sure of year of your bike) but I have got them from the states before and its not too much of a hassle:

http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/STATOR-Fits-H ... 3f2b748003

I have also used these guys before when dealing with my Daytona, you may find something on here?:

http://www.electrexworld.co.uk/acatalog ... rs_32.html

Essentially, when testing the potentially dead one, you are checking that resistance between each of the 3 wires is similar, and that there are no shorts. Another way of telling, which is slightly easier if you higly suspect it anyway, it just to take it out. If its black and charred, you have your answer.

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cheers for that, ive had the bike to the garage yesterday and the generator is fine he tested all the system and its charging still but down on power and he thinks its a solenoid, hes seen the same problem before. the battery is new aswell and my old ones still holding its charge.

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