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Efficent but boring


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My pet hate is filling up. Car or bike I run it down to the fumes if possible then brim it to keep my garage visits down to a minimum. This week I was scheduled for 2 runs down the North Wales coast for work, so on Weds evening I brimmed it then rode like a saint both ways yesterday and going to work this morning. Cruising on the motorway etc at 65-70 is very economic but staying awake becomes a challenge. Tonight coming home with plenty in the tank I was able to get a really good shift on, and still had a gallon left after 260 miles in 2 days.

Mind you traffic has been terrible this week. I've probably filtered over 15 miles between the 4 legs, and saved myself a couple of hours compared to the car. The jam on the expressway yesterday morning even made the national traffic bulletin. I do love passing them all crawling along at 0-5 MPH in their cages, the bigger and fancier the better. Does that make me a saddo?

Alex, you tell you-know-who about this post I'll serve you your bits for breakfast!!

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