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I think im going to be going to this reguardless weather anyone else goes or not but would be good to orginise a big meet, they have this in australia every year and its a huge hit, hence why they are bringing it to the uk for the first time, anyway, let me know thoughts....

http://www.streetfighters-mcc.co.uk/ind ... ge0004.htm

p.s. u dont have to own a streetfighter, its for all bikers


front and back of the t-shirts i have just ordered, 100 origanaly available, 35 gone already, if you want one pm me, 15 each

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Can you come???? i think its a must that you come :D im gonna see if vicki cant try orginising something a bit more official, try get a few people together, make a weekend of it!!

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vicki your so nasty to me, :( i was just trying to push this as its fairly central to everyone and should be a good laugh, just no one seems to be interested...... i dont get it??????????

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yes you can, u tie it up and leave it for days, it will get the hint eventually, either that or you drug it....... yes yes thats what we can do, drug everyone :D

what i need you to do for me hun is every night get ya arse (and im sure its a lovely one) on the chat room and badger people to come, im gonna be lonely by myself :(

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Tell u what.... you get YOUR bum in chat room and badger everyone...

It aint til end of March.....hell some of these dont know what theyre doing tomorrow!

It will pick up! Just be patient!!

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Whizz just called me..... hes a bit fed up :(

Went out to this event this morning, in his leathers.... did 10 mile and it started to rain....and boy did it rain!

He's only halfway there now.... bin riding since 11am, but not sure where hes been or where hes going :wink:

He is soaked through...... and his sleeping bag is soaked too. Told him to grab a B&B tonight to dry out, otherwise its gonna be poo!

Great British Weather!!! :twisted:

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