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unkown problem , Bike forum expertise needed!


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Hello friends,

Sadly I have unknown problems with 2 of my bikes. I'll briefly try to describe it the best i can, they seem to have sort of similair problems.

Little backstory , the hardknock has 700 km on it. Last week i had to lay it down to prevent hitting a car, was basically stopped when i dropped it.

Kikker Hardknock 3 (50cc), it idles fine , starts up on first kick, however if i drive of it stutter after picking up a bit of speed/ on higher reffs, however it doesnt stall out , it just doesnt deliver more power and starts stuttering more and more. It has a semi-automatic gearbox (exactly the same motor as a Honda dax or pbr) , which i also feel is having some trouble inbetween gear shifts, as it takes more force then before to actually get it in gear. Finally it makes a buzzing/ grinding/ spinning type sound , that wasn't there before. Before the ''accident'' i took apart the carb and gave it a good clearning.If any information is missing , please tell me.

Skyteam Urban (50cc), ( effectively a chinese Honda Grom), it goes fine for a bit, but after a time it starts sputtering and loses power completly. It' ll stop and not start again for some time. Ive cleaned the carb. Similair to the hardknock but doesnt keep power , it just loses it completely and dies out if i try to give it more gas when sputtering.

If I missed anything then please ask,

All help is welcome. Thank you in advance

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I don't know either bike.......but the first one, you need to have a look around and make sure nothing got bent during the drop.

Second one sounds like fuel starvation.......could be a blocked fuel tank breather....... :wink:

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Aren't that many hardknock's around yeah :P, its basically a bobber with an old Honda ss50 or Dax type engine in it.

Yeah, completely checked the bike , no external damage on either engine covers , neither on the tank or any bent or snapped fuel lines or such.

Yeah thats what i was leaning towards too, i just put some valve cleaner solution in it. Seems to run a bit smoother now. But still having the stutter at higher speeds.

Kinda stuck on what i should do about it though , got any suggestions on the next step?

Thanks for the input btw, greatly appreciate it. :thumb:

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