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I'm in Indonesia at the moment. There are lots of CB125's here which sell for between 200 and 500 quid depending on condition and originality. I've been quoted around 300 quid to have it shipped to the U.K. I suppose I'm wondering what one in good condition might be worth at home? Also, what might it cost in customs and clearances when it arrives? I should add, most of the bikes seem to be 1975 models. Cheers.

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don`t see many cb units for sale... but

the local dealers /breakers sell a variety of CBR second hand units .. seem to have a regular supply..

they are 3-5 year sold various millages and condition and go for £ 1300 - £1999 .. the tags dont go above the £2k mark.

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the cb 125 and cbr 125 are 2 totally different bikes the original cb125's some models are more valuable than others like the cb125s for instance seen values for very good condition ones sell for up to £750-£800 seen other try for more but it take take a long time to sell them then and have to be mint or very close to it

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Be very, very careful when factoring in shipping costs. Find out exactly what your "around £300" includes and up to what point on the route between Indonesia and the UK that shipping cost covers.

I run my own freight forwarding company and we often get calls from people who've been quoted shipping costs by dealers/traders in the far east that only include a small portion of the total costs.

For example your £300 might include shipment up too the port of Felixstowe. Great you think the bike would be in the UK. Except you'd still need to pay all the UK handling costs and agents fees which could well cost you another £200 or more.

Tread carefully!

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