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Honda CBR 125 Shifter Problem.


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Hi, basically I got on my cbr to drive home, turned the engine on and went to wheel it back to turn round and go home when my left foot slipped on a grate and i lost balance and dropped the bike.

It went over on its left hand side with the engine on which then cut out. I picked it up looked for damage but everything seemed fine as id taken most of the weight as it was going down. Turned the engine on everything fine went to put it in first from neutral to carry on going home when i found the shifter stuck. I used slight force to try get it down which it did and then now basically the bike just wont shift into any gear and the shifter is effectively stuck. I kept trying got the shifter up and down a bit but thats it. No neutral no propper shifting so im pretty sure i've f**ked it.

My question is what to do now, I've literally just had to leave my job and am struggling to pay my house bills never mind paying for a someone to fix it but if it needs to be done I will find a way.

Can anyone shed some light on what to try, or concider or anything to be honest with you as i'm completly screwed and was relying on my bike for job interviews this week which isn't going to happen now which puts me in an awful catch 22.

The shifter seems a bit bent but i'll get a replacement off of ebay cheap its more the insides which im worried about/need to know what im looking at/for.

Any and all help appreciated as im having literally the worst luck i've had in my life recently and can't' believe whats happepend.

Many thanks in advance,


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Bad luck mate........chances are that the shifter linkage has got bent slightly and is catching on something.......just look at the linkage mechanism and try shifting it by hand (without the engine running) and see where it's binding...... :wink:

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Will do, it went down about 6 o'clock earlier just as it was getting dark so i had no chance. It's actually at my mum's house as I went up there to get something but i'll have a look at it tomorrow. If it's bent will it need replacing and is this a difficult task to go about myself? I'm descent with tools and done a few things on my bike myself but i'm far from a mechanic.

Thanks for your help anyways

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appreciate that mate, im gonna have a look tomorrow and i'll post pictures if I hant got a clue aha. Hopefully shouldn't be a big issue because I really don't want to ring my mechanic out this time.

Anyone else got anything to add I would appreciate your thoughts.

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Somethings probably bent. You should be able to straighten it yourself easily enough. Some times on these bikes, the gear lever can sieze up on it's pivot, which just requires removing, cleaning and greasing, but seeing as your problem appeared after dropping your bike, it's probably a bent lever or linkage.

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I had something similar on the CG. During transit of my new engine the shaft had been struck which disengaged the selector from the arm. The lever was stiff as f**k and no gears could be selected.

Whipped the rhs engine casing off. Repositioned the selector and arm and all was well....

Of course try the simple things first!


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