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ZZR carbs gummed up


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OK guys, time to get some advice from you guys for my own bike. Because the ZZR was sat for so long while I was trying to get these fairings sorted, I think that the carbs have gummed up. I got a spark and everything seems to be fine with fuel flow just wont pop.

I sprayed some carb cleaner into the carbs and let it sit for an hour and and she fired up ... very roughly and spluttered to a stop. Sprayed some more and she did the same. Gave her a good spray and left her overnight but she still isn't starting unless I spray loads of the cleaner into the carbs.

I don't want to remove the carbs and split them open but I need to get this bike running again.

Do any of you have any little tricks that might work to de-congest her little airways :cheers:

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Shit ... carbs scare the living daylights out of me. Id rather strip and rebuild the engine that touch a carb!

Maybe this is a learning curve. Next time I should run the engine till all the fuel is gone from the carbs. Would that have helped?

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AS above sounds like you have no fuel in the carbs.

Check the fuel tap first.

Some taps have a prime setting (PRI) if it has turn the tap to this position and then check fuel flows out.

If it does not have a prime setting the fuel will only flow when the engine is running.

There will be a thick tube from the tap (fuel) and a thin one (vacuum).

With the tap set to reserve, no fuel will flow. Suck on the thin tube and fuel should flow.

If it doesn't then you have a problem with the diaphragm in the tap.

If ti does flow then the problem is in the carbs.

You would have to be unlucky for all the carbs to gum up! Normally you end up running on 3 cylinders or lumpy tick over.

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Agree with iangaryprice.

If there is not a lever operated fuel tap then the prime is a button at the back of the fuel outlet where the vacuum pipe fits.

You then need to press this and hold it in for maybe 30-30 sec and this should then fill the carb bowls. Should then start and run.

Had to do this with my GPX750 when left standing for a long time.

HTH :)


See the button above the fuel outlet.


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Drain the tank and put fresh fuel in it before you do anything else, fuel goes off and if there is any water in the tank it will be coming through first.

The engine is only firing because it is burning the carb cleaner - just line spraying easy start into it.

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Hey Phoo. Had the same thing on my ZXR when I was moving house. Bugger wouldn't start so I had to heave it on to the trailer manually. Typically, the bloody thing started right up after I unloaded it - think it was probably the float needles got stuck after sitting for a few months and needed a jiggle to free them up.

Have you tried draining the carbs off? That way you'll see if you're getting fuel through and it's only a few minutes to do.

If it were me I'd drain them all (with fuel tap off). Give them a tap with a spanner, bung the tap back on and see what happens. Next would be the hose off the tap to see if that's flowing and take it from there.

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Might give that a go first Mr Fro ... It has been sat for four months and not moved a millimetre!

Scud: It is fresh fuel bought for the occassion. Tank has been off to be wrapped.


To check fuel is getting to the carbs, try loosening the drain screws a few turns (if you can get to them) fuel should run out.

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So if fuel runs out ... safe bet carbs are gummed up?

But if fuel does not run out carbs could need priming or the floats stuck, more lick lye to be a priming issue though

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Didn't need to take carbs off. Yesterday was 'pissistant' rain so didn't do anything. Today the sun was shinning so I took the cover off and put the key in. It started and chugged but this time kept chugging so I sprayed a bit more carb cleaner into the carbs and she gradually picked up.

By lunch time she was running and ticking over almost as she did before. Friday I am off work so I am going to give her a bit of a blast to clear out her sinuses, so to speak.

Well chuffed.

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getting it running has been enough to drag the fuel through and dragging the fuel through will have been enough to clean the gummed up parts


Yeah ... I know that it isn't everyones friend but I did put a bit of redex in the tank and dragged that through too.

But she is running. Now just got to sort out my stupid bloody petseal cockup with the float. lol

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