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Dropped Bike Now Loss of Power & Engine Cuts Out


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Hi guys, bought myself a GSF600 Y the other day and on my first outing everything was going fine, it would accelerate extremely fast, I was sliding off the seat at times, and this is with a restrictor fitted!

Sadly on my way home I went to do a u-turn on a slight incline and dropped the bike on its right side, it was laying with the seat facing down the hill, so that's beyond a 90 degrees! Anyway the brake lever snapped but it was also cutting out constantly and had a severe lack of power, it revs very low by default, even after warming up. I've looked around on the internet and people have mentioned the electrics have been affected during a loss of power, but all my lights and indicators seem fine.

I feel as though dropping it has had oil or fuel or god knows what else go somewhere its not supposed to be, and that's the reason for the dip in power (its very noticeable, feels like I'm riding a 125!) . So what I'm hoping for is somebody can tell me a) what may be affected (eg. fuel in air filer) and b) how difficult it would be to check and sort myself? I'm not asking for a step by step guide of course, but if you give me the correct terminology for each possible issue I can google how to get to those places and clean / replace them. As I'm not exactly experienced doing anything more than changing spark plugs and such.

Thanks in advance!


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So your saying that you've been on other forums, didn't like what they were saying so created an account here?

Welcome to the forum. Please say hi in the newbies section

With the engine off and in neutral, try pushing it to be sure the brakes arent sticking.

If you've gone down on the brake lever, it's possible that what is left of your lever is bent and causing the brakes to stick.

Apart from that, I can't see it doing anything to restrict the power. Usually it would be fine or plain won't start up.

I mean, it could be possible that the bash has shifted the bar end into the throttle and is causing it to stick, causing the feeling of lower power. Try (again with the engine off) pulling back the throttle all the way, then letting go. It should snap back quickly.

Other than that, I'm out of ideas.

Good luck, but I should probably add that fuel shouldn't get onto the air filter, but even if it did, it wouldnt be much and should evaporate out pretty quickly

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Obviously the guy did not like your reply either Alex! :tumble:

Could be a trapped cable / bent linkage / damaged pipework / oiled up air filter / as well as the other 'stuff' you mention.

A full visual check should determine where the possible issue is - If not, then you need expert assistance.


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