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Clutch issues


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So i was riding home from work and suddenly i lost all momentum and found my chain had dropped off so i managed to get it back on but not my clutch is playing up. When its on gear my bike acts if its in nutrual. Any recomendations/easy fixes/help

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The engine is probably spinning, but the chain isn't catching because its too loose

Edit: If the chain came off, there is a possibility it may have damaged something. If the chain tension doesn't sort it, then try taking the cover off the front sprocket so you can see it and try looking at it whilst you (or a friend) put it in gear and try again.

It sounds like the chain has been neglected for years, so it's possible the front (or rear) sprocket teeth have worn down, again, causing the sprocket to spin and not catch on the chain. But viewing it will tell you if the sprocket is spinning in the first place.

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