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Renthal Bars


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Hi guys i need some advice :D , my bandit has renthal bars that were on when i brought it,i love the bars but i wondered if i could remove the brace bar that runs across the middle ? .Does this brace act as a support or is it purely a cosmetic thing,obviously i don't want to remove it and weaken the bars in any way,cheers :cheers:

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its a bit of both it helps stop t he bars folding if you hit a pot hole and end up with ur weight being on them personally i dont see a problem with it correct solution if you dont like it is but a set of renthals that dont need t he brace as the tube will be thicker salled

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Sorry... But.

Renthal know a thing or two about handle bar design.

The brace is purely a cosmetic addition. An optional extra. Renthal say this themselves. No mention at all of extra strength or anything similar. If you were to buy one... The most important decision is what colour.


The Renthal road brace will give your handlebars that Streetfighter look while also offering an additional mounting point for accessories.


So, it's all about looks and somewhere to mount your iPhone. Or sat nav or furry dice equivalent... For the princely sum of £23 or so.

If strengthening the bars was actually a factor in the design, then it's reasonable to assume they would actually mention this. They don't. Not a word.

The only downside to removing them is the possibility that the finish of the bars.. The anodised coating has been damaged. so.... Be aware of that.

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Its not NEEDED it is as shorty says

But if it was required it would be sold with the bars or it would be mentioned that you MUST buy one!

Renthal would not risk a massive law suit if it was needed and they didn't state that

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Thanks for the advice guys,i just wanted to be sure before i made any decision on removing the brace or not that i wasn't going to weaken the handlebars in anyway !!! Although i have been toying with the idea of buying a mount for my iphone so i could leave the brace on and use that as a perfect mounting position :D

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