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Peugeot Scooter isnt going anywhere :(


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So 2 days before Christmas 2015 my Dad bought me a Peugeot Speedfight 3 12 plate from this local guy, and we got there, the bike was is horrible condition and it also kept cutting out on us when we went to view it (we thought most probably the carb as it had been sat for 6 months+ and ran on the old fuel). Got the price from £800 to £450. Not bad eh?

Over Christmas and New Year we've been doing it up, e.g. hiding scratches, cleaning panels, cleaning carb and other little bits and pieces it needed doing. Our last piece of the jigsaw was the indicator switch which we bought a new one, and fitted it. We run the bike for a solid 10 minutes with different force on the throttle, and it didn't cut out once, as before we cleaned the carburettor it kept cutting off. We decide to take it out on the road to see if our magic has come back to life.

We get down the drive. Everything seems fine and my dad drives it down the road. To our luck the bike cut out at the top of the road and the revs would not increase and the bike its self kept cutting out. We get it back up the driveway and put it on the stand. We rev and everything seems fine, we raise the stand and then rev some more, the back wheel spins well and nothing seems wrong until it is back on the road, where it cuts out. Also sounds like there is a stone cutter going off, but not as harsh sounding but my dad said that's nothing to worry about.

My dad took it yesterday into the Motorbike repair guy in the area, hopefully I'll hear something back tomorrow or Thursday. Can anyone give any ideas as to what I will be expecting from the Repair guy and will it be costly? Just hope she is okay as I've been waiting over a month to ride her and it was a birthday present (but the insurance left a hole in my pocket)

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Firstly, these scooters don't go anywhere when working they're so slow, but enough jest :lol:

I'm guessing you have a buggered coil, a carb that isn't set up correctly, possibly a partially blocked vacuum hose, or maybe even a kinked petrol pipe which can rev up when sat still but when under load can't pull enough to get going.

It's a cheap ped so I'll say conservatively it will be a couple of hundred quid to fix. Which isn't bad seeing as you dropped the price on the purchase of the ped.

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