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Anyone know anything about TV's?


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Ok, so this is a motorcycle forum, so I will try and throw in some motorcycle related info.

Basically, I saw a cheap 4k TV for sale at a reduced to clear price of around £350. 4K, smart TV, 42" and all that good stuff, so I did some research into it and it seems to have a mixture of reviews. Half of which are 5 star and the other half 1 star.

It seems its a great TV for everything except watching sport (motogp) movies (wild hogs) and playing games (motogp) - [see. I told you I'd keep it motorcycle related].

Dammit. That's all I use the TV for. I don't need a the youtube/iplayer apps, I don't need wi-fi or facebook on my tv, I don't really need 4k (although it would be nice) and it doesn't have to be this years model. All I really want is a good quality HD TV that shows games and movies.

Can anyone in the know recommend me a TV thats full hd, over 42" and can play movies and games smoothly, or let me know exactly what I should be looking for to find that "perfect" tv of around £350?

I realise my price point may be an issue, but hey-ho.

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You answer the question, it's £350 and half of people give it 1 star. That's not a quiet minority.

If you want a good 4k TV that is curved and able to play games very well, I'm yet to happen across a bad Samsung. They aren't amazing all round, but you have to be a keen hobbyist/specialist to notice the difference between that and the highest spec ones on the market. But for your needs you will get on with a Samsung.

LG do a few good ones, they also do one of the highest spec curved TV's on the market currently. So they know their shit, but they have a habit of being great but a bit rough around the edges with the features. But for watching TV and playing games the cheaper of the LG and Samsung will do just fine :)

Put up a range you've been looking at, I'm actually half good with TV's as a by product of my dads obsession with them! :lol:

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Not a massive fan of curved TV's.

I've been looking at (and decided against) the Panasonic tx-40cx400b. Apparently it's not actually a Panasonic, but some other brand with a Panasonic badge.

Then I started looking at the SAMSUNG UE43J5600. I can't find many reviews on it, but the reviews for the UE43J5500 are quite good.

The only difference between the 5600 and 5500 that I can see is the PQI. Annoyingly they don't give a frame rate, but PQI supposedly takes that into account.

The 5500 has a PQI of 300 and the 5600 is 400. It seems like the 5600 is the updated version, but I'm not 100% sure, so it seems we are on the same wave length on the Samsung TV's.

Question is, would it be good for an xbox and films?

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I've had both Samsung and LG TVs and couldn't fault either of them. I've used both with Xbox 360 and PS3 and never had any issues, the Samsung has a game mode setting for the picture and sound which I always used.

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God dammit guys!

That looks like a great TV, but now I'm looking on currys and for an extra £30 I could get a 50". Its not 4k, and "only" 800 Hz, but it's 50 friggin inch!

http://www.currys.co.uk/gbuk/tv-and-hom ... 3-pdt.html

Oh I don't know. What's better for xbox/playstation and movies?

Is there much difference in HD and 4K when watching films that are only recorded in HD form?

And is 800 hz good enough to play movies and games without any lag or blurriness?

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4K is four times more "detailed" than 1080 (Full HD).

Read this - http://www.which.co.uk/reviews/televisi ... ould-i-buy and use the slidey scale thing to figure out what size of tv you need/want. It has a bit on 4K aswell.

Personally, I like Sony, Panasonic and LG TV's. I have two older Sony's in the house and they are still fantastic to watch movies on and play PS3 on.

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Picture is only as good as your eyes, have you had them checked recently? I have a Sony projector onto a 9ft screen, pin sharp at least l thought so until l had my eyes check. The optician recommended that l have some glasses for distant work, I never had problems with seeing at distance before but went along with his professional decision. The difference when wearing the new glasses was shocking. Just a thought!

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