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Ignition key is sticking/stuck


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I've found the issue is worse when it's cold/wet but sometimes my key won't turn in the ignition, and I'm stuck for 5 mins trying to get the steering lock off.

Guy at the garage suggested some WD40 down the slot, other things I've read have included heating the key. Does anybody have any other idea? I've currently got the WD40 sitting in the lock.

The key does turn eventually with a lot of removal and reinsertion and jiggling of the handle bars but it's a major PITA

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Keys are quite bendy at the best of times, weakening them by heating and then applying twisting-ness seems like a recipe for disaster... but I am normally wrong. But I wouldn't do it.

Do you have a spare key? Do you have the same problem with that?

If no, your key sounds worn. Get a copy cut from the good one!

If yes, then please seek better advise from another forum member :mrgreen:

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Wd40 in the lock then compressed air, then repeat. Do this a few time and try the key in between.

I have to do this every now and then to keep the lock smooth, but my lock has developed a knack where I have to hold to the right then turn or it won't turn, so there may be a knack on yours too.

Once working nicely you want to try using a silicon based lube, I use something called supalube it's great

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Wd40 while it will work is not a lubricant, I prefer getting some vasaline into the lock and then adding gt85

I usually coat the key a few times and try to get the stuffinside the lock, then a squirt of gt85.

My bmw used to freeze up i winter, the vasaline would displace water and keep water out


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The WD40 seems to have worked wonders, I did it about 4 times over the course of a day and now it appears no sticking at all. Also, found that if I don't FULLY turn the wheel before putting on steering lock then it works a lot better. When the wheel is fully turned and I go to put the steering lock on the wheel kind of jumps back a bit towards centre before the lock engages

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