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Won't start, need help


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I have a yamaha xvs950a I have tried starting it yesterday and it won't start it tryed for a second then there is a fast ticking sound, i started it a few weeks bacl and just run it for 10 minutes and all was fine so I think it may just be the battery so I am going to get a charger to try that but any other ideas or am I going along the right track?

Any help or ideas would be appreciated

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If you're near a hill (or can get a bit of speed up with a push) try bump starting it. Get on the bike, put it in second gear with the clutch held in, turn the ignition on. Then when you've got enough speed up release the clutch out quickly. That should get it going if it's just the battery that's flat.

Many a time have I have to bump bikes in the past, looking a two-hat 'running' up the road with my legs either side of the bike. Good way to get warm in this weather mind.

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