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mod 1 cancelled

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I am currently doing my DAS and have paid £600 for a four day course including the test fees. Mod 1 was booked for day 3 and Mod 2 for day 4. MOD 1 was cancelled by the DSA due to bad weather however my training school was able to move my mod 1 test to the same day of Mod 2 (mod 1 in the morning mod 2 in the evening(if i pass)). Which is fine. However the weather is looking bad again if my test is cancelled again where will i stand legally as when the test is rebooked again I would be renting the bike for a fifth day and I have paid for a four day course would I have to pay the training center another day of bike rental due to the dsa cancellation although it would have been out of my hands ?

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What does the agreement you have entered into with the training school say?

The DSA fees are covered, they simply just change the dates

As far as the school is concerned, you have entered into an agreement to do a course and test over 4 days. If day 4 is cancelled, then (for example) day 5 becomes the new day 4 so there should be no additional costs.

But check..... Some schools are shocking at creaming more money out of their students, but if you are with a reputable school, they will have been in thos situation many times before and will have a contingency plan.

Bottom line is, Concerned? Ask them, what happens if?................

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Hopefully the training school won't have a lesson booked in for whatever day you will potentially be rebooked on and they'll do the moral thing and let you use it as you've paid for it.

If they've got another lesson at the same time, hopefully they've got another bike you can use? Not ideal I appreciate.

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I expect if its cancelled they'll just take you on a lesson for the day - they won't lay up the bikes all day doing nothing - but expect a recharge to use the bike for the test.

Check your contract but they don't control the weather or the test centre, they can't be held at fault because they cancelled your test, and I suspect your contract will back that up.

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you paid a fixed price that included tests and use of bike during the tests, so that's what you should get.

The cancellation of the test was out of your control, (and theirs) but your contract is with the test center so unless specifically mentioned in the contract, you should expect the use of the bike during the tests whenever they may be.

basically don't let them screw you for more money for something youve already paid for!

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