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How I became a bad driver.....


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Or I am now a middle lane hogger....

I know I am the only bad driver on here, none of you guys are guilty of any of this its just me...

In the last couple of week I have done more Motorway miles in the landy than I have for a whilst and I am sad to announce I am becoming a middle lane hogger...

Why because of ignorant idiots that will not let you out.

Signal and they speed up and shut the gap,

Signal earlier and pull out early you cause a lovely que, you can even get the bonus of some one undertaking you and pulling out in front of you (even if there is not that much space causing you to brake).

I tend to keep my awareness of cars read the traffic for a gap and its Mirror, life saver, signal maneuver all in one smooth action...

They still flash and beep you but in a landy doing 70 odd miles an hour on the motorway you can hardly hear them and your mirrors vibrating make there lights a bit blurred your fine...

In the Landy I try to keep to 70 ish mph much faster and the noise and fuel consumption become to much....

Why the rant because you do get pissed with it, yesterday 40 odd miles total on the motorway, 8 times boxed in by idiots out side lane is clear but are still going to stop you pulling out before the lorry/ caravan in front of you...

Hell that's once every 5 minutes why deal with the stress just sit in the middle lane and let the world move around you???

Next time some one signals to be let out if its sensible please do do not box them in, if not your the one making the lane hogger...

This probably goes x2 for caravans and lorries....

I also wonder how many of these are DashCam Dumbo's look at this idiot hes going to pull out right in front of me... Failing to show hes in second lane there is an empty third lane and he just speeded up to Box you in, trying to create their moment of "fame"...

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Welcome to the camera age.

Unfortunately most A/M roads are so congested now. I used to drive to witham from colchester (About 10miles? ish) and i hated it. All the time people not letting you out, swerving down inside lane to get past you. Sudden emergency stops from the nob infront.. I hated that road and i feel your pain. I just ignore people who flash/beep me when all i'm doing is driving, they usually want you to react so they can get angry at you.

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Sounds like you're having a really bad time of it... I think you couldn't find a more sympathetic forum for "Ride noise and shuddering mirrors" :D

It's super frustrating, especially when you move into the left hand lane simply because it's clear and the person who has been happily behind you for X amount of miles, now feels the need to overtake you just because you're in the left lane.. This means by the time you catch up to the arse of the Lorry in the left, you can't pull out cos that numbskull has barely drawn along side you.. :roll:

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Yesterday I was driving in the middle lane, overtaking traffic in the left. A car thundered up behind me and started flashing his lights and beeping behind me. There was no room to pull in on the left and the right lane was clear, so not exactly sure what his problem was couldn't he just... Overtake?

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This is becoming more of a problem lately. Third lane empty but middle lane users will not move over to let inside lane out.

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I do a lot of motorway driving due to my job. I tend to do about 70 mph, for the pure reason as I hope the car is more economical at that speed than going any faster.

I always think its funny when I'm in the middle lane and there is two cars in front doing about 60 to 65, so I pull into the 3rd lane slowly pass along. Then the car in front pulls into lane 1

and now the car that was just infront of me decides to do 80+ and bomb along on the near side of me.

Why not just do what I did and go in the 3rd lane?

I see this all the time sadly

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The standard has dropped with driving.

We are now more impatient than ever.

People see things that they don't like, that aren't necessarily illegal, but because they try to justify it as such they then commit an act that is most definitely illegal.

It's like you thinking someone is planning to hit you from the way they look so you run over and bunch them. Imagine how unstable that looks? And in principle it's the same with these situations in the car.

I'm a middle lane hogger from time to time, I stay out when I see a truck coming up as I don't want to have to brake unnecessarily only to then have some arse pull along side and not move by, meaning I have to then back off, pull out at a slower speed and get back up to pace. In a 1 litre it's not great if you then have cars flying up behind you.

You just have to practise common sense in tandem with the law. It's up to a coppers discretion if you're middle lane hogging after all so we all have differing standards!

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More often than not now, lane 1 on every motorway south of Stafford is actually the fastest lane...


Just fixed that for you :D

People suddenly remember it exists again once you get past Birmingham. Can't speak for the north east but that's generally how it is in the west!

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