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Puncture safe and tubed tyres


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Also of your tyre is full of it an and you get a big puncture it will go everywhere. EVERY WHERE. And it's gross to clean off. Also if you do ever put it in remember to tell a garage if you ever need the tyre changed. Also expect them to look angry about it

Edit oh wait you said tubed. Ignore the above it was tubeless. But still the telling the garage people still holds :lol:

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Personally I wouldn't bother......I've heard of people putting this stuff in and it throwing the wheel balancing out......just join a recovery organisation. ..... :wink:


Thanks mate, can you recommend a good recovery tgat covers punctures? I'm the worlds most puncture prone mudder ducker :lol:

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Double check what extent of cover they offer, though - often those deals give you the absolute bare minimum of cover!

I've heard people say good things about tyre slime for tubed tyres, but they only do so much... if the inner tube splits rather than just being punctured it makes one hell of a mess inside the tyre! Replacing your inner tubes with heavy duty ones (the Michelin ones for off-road use get particularly good write ups) is potentially a better investment. Or do both! Recovery is all well and good, but it's nicer to be able to keep riding :thumb:

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