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Council contractors, where do I stand


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We got new windows fitted today in our council owned house by contractors hired by the council. The work done is fine but prior to them being fitted we had to remove the window blinds. I placed all the blinds on my bed to keep them straight.

So I've arrived home and they have dumped stuff all over the blinds and the are creased, damaged and tangled up. I understand they have to move stuff to gain access but to dump it all over blinds?? It's obvious little respect was taken when they have been at work.

Where do I stand here? Can I file a complaint? Will I get new blinds?!

Thanks in advance from a grumpy biker with new windows and broken blinds!

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First of all contact the council and explain what's occurred. See what their response is.

As a last resort. If the goods are damaged the contractor will have public liability insurance so this is a route you may want to consider.

I imagine though that the council will sort it out for you.

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