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Oil leaking upwards into cylinders?

The Voyager

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I am just looking through many snap shots of when I stripped my bike down, as I am currently rebuilding it now, I took many photos as you do, most of them useless now as I am custom building and have removed a lot of stock parts.

But on one image I notice the V-TWIN engine is on it's side, most probbaly for a good 10 - 15 mins, the oil was not drained at this point, the v-twin has been upright ever since for about 12 months now (bloody long project I know).

So will this be ok? As in the oil can't leak upwards (or sideways in this case) can it?

Thanks for your help. :cheers:

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As Bob said,

But also, if the engine is out of the bike just pull the plugs and then touch cables from a battery to the positive and negative of the starter motor. Just turn it over for 2 seconds, any crap will be sprayed out at pressure if there is any in there.

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