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XVS950A not starting ?


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Hi all

Hopefully I can get some advice from some of the mechanics on here. I have an XVS950A Midnight star. It's a 2009.

I am having issues with it starting at the moment. I know it's not the battery, because I has had a brand new battery, which I fully charged before putting it on and the problem persists. Sometimes it starts, sometimes it doesn't. Take tonight...got on it at the office, it started straight away.....rode it home (around 3 miles)....pulled onto my drive and turned the engine off. Went to start it again, it wont start??

I swapped the battery and put on the fully charged brand new battery.....still wont start...

The engine doesn't turn at all. It just makes the eclectic start up noise and then nothing ?

It jumps off straight away?

Any ideas ?

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so the engine doesn't turn over but the starter motor goes?

could be a shagged starter

I have known the windings to breakdown and when they heat up they get worse

It could also the the starter clutch too

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Thanks Stu

No the engine doesn't turn at all. It just makes the initial electric startup noise an then nothing?

I spoke to a guy at the garage and he seemed to think that if it jumps off, it cant be the starter motor? Does that sound right?

I thought maybe it could be the spark plug?

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I've not had experience of a starter breaking down - I've known them work or not. Used solenoids can be had for £25 - starters for £100 on eBay.

You could probably nip it to an auto electrician and get it tinkered/rewound. Last one I had done was about £40.

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start with the cheapest first

wiring you can check yourself

not forgetting the switch gear

a starter solenoid is the next cheapest

then starter motor!

if you really have no clue on wiring and stuff then find a new best mate that likes to tinker :lol:

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Hi defo electrical, if your not clued up on bike electric's l would look for an auto electrician rather than a mechanic, you need to identify the fault first rather than start replacing parts, far to often garages start replacing parts generating you a nice tidy bill, when if fact it might just be a loose connection or a dry joint. I might sound a bit cynical it's just my ten pence worth

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Could be worn or sticking brushes in the starter motor......Sometimes they are more likely to stick when the engine is hot.......you should be able to pull the starter motor off pretty easily and split it to check the brushes...... :wink:

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