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Car wheel bearing


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So last Thursday I noticed a whining from the wheels and I've narrowed it down to the n/s front wheel bearing. It's quite noisy over 30-40 mph, my question is how long can a drive with it, I intend on repairing it at the weekend but I need to get to work (approx 120 miles in total) for the next 3 days!

The bandit is out of action too with no MOT or insurance for a couple of weeks so that's not an option.

Pulling my hair out a bit! Don't want to cause an accident! :(

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Partner did about 390miles before i had to replace the bearing lol! Cost £68 for the bearing

From toyota. Then 3 months later had todo the other side, now 12 months on i need to do the rear. So easy to do. If you have the correct tools hour tops to do :) or remove the hub get the garage to remove and seat the bearing, then re fit to car. Easy peezy :)

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I had Laguna before my company car. It failed the MOT on worn rear disc's. So I popped down to my local car spares supplier. He said I would sit down if i was you before I tell you the price. It was £300 for a set of rear disc's and pads. The rear disc's are the hub and have the bearings fitted. He did say you can get them without the bearings fitted but you then need to remove the old bearings. Which is a barsteward of a job.

I managed the job in a morning and I actually had all the tools including a 36mm socket. It did say to tighten the wheel hubs up to 200 FT/LB. I did them up as tight as i could and then took the car back for its MOT. I asked the garage if they could tighten the rear hub nuts up for me while they had it in. I said I have done them up f***ing tight with a 4 foot long extension tube on my socket. He said its ok they do them up f***ing tight as well so he wouldn't bother checking. It would appear f***ing tight is the same as 200 FT/LB :lol:

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