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2016 Honda MSX125


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Had the beast 2 weeks and done 600 miles so i'd say i can give a good review so far.

Started off looking like the below picture, all standard



Modded it more to my taste with proper Maxxis 6024 tyres, Renthal RC high fat bars, evotech tail tidy and the full Black widow exhaust.





It's a 125 so it'll do 60 easy enough but don't expect more more. But for me thats not what it's about and 60 is fast enough off road :D

It keeps up with traffic fine even on NSL roads.


With the new wider but lower bars it's perfect for me, nice reach and i'm still upright. lots of room for my legs even though i'm 5"11. seat is great even for 150mile days.


I love it now, i think it looks awesome and it gets more attention than all the big bikes, except other custom bikes. I had 10 people surround me at Matlock asking questions last week!


Yes it's quite a lot but i got a good deal and paid a few hundred less than RRP, for a 2016 plate model too!

Everything else is so cheap it makes up for the initial outlay anyway!

The new tyres were £70 a pair fitted! i'm used to paying $140 per tyre fitted!!


180MPG enough said, i get 150MPG and I'm flat out everywhere haha!

£4.50 to travel like 130-160miles is mentally cheap!


Well it's endless, you can build a scrambler, a racer, a slammed stretched cruiser, the MSX will do it all!

Big bore kits all the way to 235cc and thats without turbos! 30BHP in one of these is easy to get if you have ££££


This thing puts more smiles on my face than any bike i've owned, i've put 600miles on it in 2 weeks, i don't even think i did that with my Ducati 749s!

As a second bike its great, its only weakness is soft front suspension and thats an easy fix with heavier oil or Ohlins inserts!


Check my youtube for videos and video blogs of it in action

https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCO3whW9rr9ZZOrm7VB-Zfzg" onclick="window.open(this.href);return false;

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