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New Engine Yzf-R125 and White Smoke From Coolant


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I've recently managed to fit a 2015 engine into my 2010 yzf r125. It required me to do few little modifications but nothing major.

I filled the radiator first and then reservoir tank with the coolant.

I only managed to fit about 500ml up top. It supposed to be filled up with 1L - service manual.

I turned the engine on for the first time and it works! Hurray!

I left the radiator cap open and few air bubbles came out in 5 min but no where near enough to let me fill the 0.5L of coolant that it supposed to.

I rode it on a parking few times for very short periods of time with the cap on to get the coolant moving but it didn't move down almost at all.

I've waited for the engine to cool down again, removed the radiator cap and idled the engine for another 5 min. No bubbles and white vapour started to come out of the hot coolant and the engine got hot quickly (but no warning lights)

From my web search it looks lie a thermostat problem but then the engine is almost new 2015 with 1250miles. Maybe I should start questioning that number (I definitely should).

Here is a youtube video of the set up. I can make another one of the entire cooling system if that helps.

Any comments welcome!


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Welcome to TMBF mate. ....... 8-)

I'm guessing you've got an airlock in the water jacket......Check for a bleed screw around the water jacket or water pump, or both...... :wink:

I'm assuming you used the correct dilution of coolant?

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