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XC90 parking brake problems


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I took my '54 XC90 to the garage on Monday for its MOT, since when they've been trying to get it to pass the only thing it fails on year after year: parking brake efficiency.

The XC90 has a foot-operated parking brake that has - on mine at least - never worked properly in the 5 years I've had it. Every time it goes to the garage to get adjusted it works fine for about two days and then fails completely. It's an auto, so to be honest I can live without it for the other 364 days of the year, but MOT day is different. Unfortunately this time they say the cable adjuster is at the end of its range, and that all they can do is try welding some lugs onto the shoe assembly in order to extend their travel and then wind the cable adjuster back a bit to compensate.

This seems to be a common problem on the older XC90s: they can master cruise control, ABS and sophisticated electronic stability programs, but apparently a cable with a lever at one end that pulls a couple of brake shoes at the other is beyond them.

Last year another garage I took it to asked a Volvo technician for advice, and he said "Fiddle with the adjuster a bit and then tick the 'Pass' box on the form." I'm sure that's not what really goes on...

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Just had a quick Google and there are so many people with parking brake problems for the XC90. Wow.

I did find this LINK- not sure if it will be of any use?

For a Volvo tech to just fiddle with it then tick the box does not surprise me. My brother works in the motor trade and I've heard plenty of dodgy dealings he has seen. Mad. And to think some of us trust these people to make sure our car is in a roadworthy state.

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Had a free MOT on car after wife heard a loud bang by one of the wheels. I did check didn't see anything. Took it to a mate for a paid MOT and service and he found a spring had snapped in half. Reported the garage to VOSA but couldn't do anything as I had got it fixed. But they made a note on their system.

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Thanks guys! The car was in dock for three days, and they finally managed to get it to pass the parking brake test. Less than 24 hours later it was back to being completely useless: you can push the car down the road with it on!

I think I'll be seeking out one of those 'tick the box and move on' garages next year... :lol:

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