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YBR 125 question


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Hi folks

My first post here so I hope I am putting this in the right place.

I took my CBT in dec 2015 so haven't been riding too long. I have a Yamaha YBR 125 (2010 model, about 2,500 miles) which I have been commuting on and so far it has been fine. I recently left it parked up for a couple of weeks while I got the train to a new job but when I started it up and rode it around again, I started to hear a slight tapping sound. The bike seems structurally stable (I have looked it over, checked bolts, looked for cracks or anything amiss etc but all seems ok). The power seems fine too - it isn't struggling or lagging when I rev, although when I stop revving (but am still moving) I can hear the sound then - a sort of rough, tapping sound/sensation (Apologies if that seems a bit vague but hard to describe accurately when I am also concentrating on riding safely and have a crash helmet blocking my hearing :)

I haven't had any spills or knocks on my bike and up and until now, had experienced no issues. But something does seem 'off'' and thought I would see if anyone else has had something similar or if there is a really obvious solution, before I take it to a garage to be checked.


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Hello and welcome! Do you have anything else on the bike keyring? I ask because the other week I had a weird rattling noise.... took a while before I realised my disc lock key was rattling on the yoke :oops: weirdly I must have put the key in the other way round all the previous times!!

Hope you get to the bottom of it soon :thumb:

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Welcome to TMBF mate. .....pop over to the Newbies section and introduce yourself to the guys when you can. ...... 8-)

Does it make the noise when stationary or only when moving?.......If it's only when you're moving check chain for tension or tight links.....also check wheel bearings. ...... :wink:

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Hi all

Thanks for responses so far.

Yes, it only happens when moving - I had a quick look at the chain but it seemed tight enough. The bike seems to run as normal when I'm revving, but when I lay off the throttle I can hear it then. I don't think its related to the key ring either - i haven't added anything new and the sound seems to be lower down the bike, towards the ground.

How would I go about wheel bearings? Haven't done it before so not sure if I need a particular tool?


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Is the chain lubed ? With it not being run for a while it could just need a little bit of tlc on the chain. Also make sure it's not too tight as that can cause issues.

I had a YBR 125. Great little bike.

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Check that the chain tension is correct and that it is lubricated.

if the chain is OK, check wheel bearings by holding the bike steady and trying to move the top of the wheel towards/away from you (sideways) - There should be no movement.

if that is also OK, it may be simply a stone/nail in the tyre - check the surface of both tyres.

If none of the above, then you need someone with more knowledge to check it - fellow biker in the area?


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