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Halifax CBT Provider Recommendations

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I have decided I would like to ride a bike as my first vehicle, I have done a lot of research and watched a lot of youtube videos and am rather set on it, with the monumental cost savings being the major point.

The bike would be mainly for commuting and my plan is to do my CBT and then get a 125 on L plates for a year or so to gain some general experience as well as build up a no claims discount and time riding a bike (Makes a sizable difference to insurance quotes for bigger bikes) before doing my direct access (I'm 26) then upgrading to probably a Ninja 300 and selling the 125.

That's my current plan at least and I and I believe its rather thought out, the problem I am having is finding a really good reputable bike training centre at which to take by CBT and probably subsequent training in the future.

I have never operated anything other than a pushbike and a quadebike so no experience with shifting/clutch, I live in Halifax HX2 and everything I have found online has a terrible website and questionable pricing that does not clearly explain what is being charged for and is worded in such a way that I expect them to try and swindle me.

What I am looking for is some recommendations of good and respectable establishments with very good instructors, within a reasonable distance from Halifax but I don't mind travelling an hour or so if I need to, does anyone have any positive experiences with any training centres near me?

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Hello and welcome to the forum.

Pop over to the newbie section to say hello.

Now then.


I recommend BUMPY.

It's on the birstall/Morley border. Will take you around 30 mins to get there by car but can be done by bus via batley as I recall.

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Thanks for the info NeilM,

I did come across BUMPY in my searches they where definitely looking more professional that the rest but seemed as if they where primarily a dirt bike centre that did CBT on the side. I was originally put off by their statement that their CBT course is just to teach you the requirements to ride on the road legally and not to cover how to ride a bike, but that they will sell you that too separately.

But with a recommendation I think its worth a double take, they also don't seem to advertise their costs on their website, any idea what their fees are? and is their 1 hour introductory riding session/basic riding lesson worth taking?

Thanks for your assistance!

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BUMPY is a registered charity which facilitate work with under privileged kids via the use of trials biking.

The instruction side is run separately but from the same premises.

You are best off giving them a bell or calling round even better.

Caroline the owner is a lovely woman and will help in any way she can. They aren't a business which are going to rip you off.

If you think it will help.

Tell her you've been speaking to Neil (big lad wi shaven head :wink: ) with the twins and the VFR. (My lad has done a course there)

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