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Xbox one gamer tags...


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I think my Gamertag is Tsurugi Ijin, intending to re-instate it soon ^_^

Most of the time I'm on steam.. Which I think is tsurugi_ijin

(God MAD Imagination Skillz..)

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I love having Steam on the PC..

There are talks about it launching on Xbox too but they're quiet and rumoury at the moment.

All my gaming is on Steam as even if you get a game from elsewhere (GuildWars2, Minecraft etc) you can still launch them through Steam..

It's good to playing games with mates and quickly hoping from one game to another.. :thumb:

We use Razer Comms for chatting though, rather than the Steam talk or Skype :mrgreen:

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Does anyone ever 'meet' up online for a blat? Thought it might be a good idea to list gamertags and maybe have the odd game together?

Any ways...if anyone wants to add..



Is yours one of those names from when live launched?

I thought you could only use the ones in the list :lol:

I keep meaning to alter mine to "Fozzie" or something along those lines but can never summon the effort.

Mine is "Avenging Fate".

It was the lesser evil of "disabled beaver", and "Reclusive Duck" was taken :lol:

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Can't say I have ever used Razor comms before, always used to use Mumble (it was the best around when we used to play at Lans) although Teamspeak have upped their game nowadays.

I need to get my PC gaming back on, need a few more games. Getting bored of all the games I have. :(

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I have Glorian and a few others on Steam, so would be nice to meet up for a few games :)

Teamspeak I remember was awesome for Raids on Wow, where you needed 20+ people! :mrgreen:

Ohh another thing I love about Steam is CONSTANT sales and offers as well as soo many games that are still in Alpha or Beta but are great anyway :D A Good multiplayer one is "Depth"

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Xbox one: Snekiesoll

Steam: Snekie

games i play are:

xbox: ride, forza 6, diablo 3, gtaV rainbow six siege, not got division yet.

pc: mainly MMO, world of tanks, world of warships, and EVE online.

if we get enough interest etc then ill happily buy a game to join other as long as its not WOW.

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