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Good evening all

So in some need of advice... my bike over the past week or so and as I often go for rides on the country roads I obviously lean into the corners a little and it's only of recent that my bike doesn't like it..

My riding style hasn't changed and I'm going no faster than I have been for the past few months it seems that the back end is jerking a little and it's had me nearly off a few times my tires are perfectly fine in terms of tread and pressure...

It's hard to explain but I just know something is wrong on that back end...

If it's of any use to have ideas on the fault my bike is a...

Keeway txm125


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The rear tyre hasn't squared off has it?

Check the back wheel to make sure it's not loose or the bearings are shot......likewise, check the swing arm bearings......and also make sure the rear shocks are ok....and no one has b*ggered about with the rear shock settings...... :wink:

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Worn or badky adjusted chain and sprockets would cause those symptoms. Take some pics of the chain and sprockets and we'll soon let you know of they need replacing

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I addition to the above I got a rear tyre puncture fixed a while back and back felt terrible. Turns out the alignment was out by about a turn on one side. Levelled it up and felt loads better

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So I did some good stuff to the bike this morning.. cleaned, wiped down all sprockets and chain to shiny new with it all greased up also checked chain play.. run hand over both tyres and took a little pressure from the rear down to 36psi.

So today I enjoyed a lovely ride through the countryside without any near falls which is brilliant! Thank you all for your suggestions!

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