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Bandit idle adjustment knob


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So it was running rich, turn knob all the way in clock wise (I think). Then something felt like it had gone further than it was meant to as it didn't seem to be doing anything. Turned off engine and wound back 3 turns now engine is revving nuts off at 5k. What have I done :oops:

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you don't have a pilot knob

only the rider!

sounds like you have wound the tick over up

turn it back down

there is no adjustments you can do on the outside of the carbs to adjust lean or rich running

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As mentioned above, the knob adjusted the idle rpm.

The knob is the end of a flexible cable similar to a speedo cable. At the carb end there is a thread on the end this screws in to increase rpm and out to decrease rpm.

If you turned it in too tight you may have stripped a thread as mentioned above or broke the flexible cable.

To find out what is wrong you will need to remove the petrol tank to insect the cable and workout what is wrong.

If you are lucky you may have unscrewed it to far and it just needs screwing back.

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Right it's like clockwise for out and anti clockwise for in like the oil sump? Or being upside confuses me. I had screwed it too far in. The spring was making it really hard to turn against it which was the feeling that it might have broken. But it's fine.

Replaced stiff clutch cable. All sorts of crap coming out of the bottom of the old one. Feels good... Now it's just started raining grrr

My 125 is pathetic, wtf have I been playing at :scratch:

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