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rear brake switch

Guest browny78

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Hi guys

slowly starting to notice that my brake light isnt coming on when i press the rear pedal...sometimes it does and sometimes it doesnt, others riding behind me have noticed it flickering on and off when i go over bumps occasionally.

Is it a case of just adjusting the switch?

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Hi, does it work correctly if you depress the front brake leaver? if it does then look to see if the switch (close to the brake pedel) is clean as often they become gunged up at especially this time of the year. If the brake light fails to come on with the front lever then I would suspect the bulb fitting/housing...

I had a similar problem on my FJR during a recent trip to Turkey very annoying for the bike behind me espcially when riding through mountain passes. I gave it a good hosing and plenty of WD40 for the remainder of the trip and when I got home cleaned and greased it properly and it has worked fine ever since.

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common problem with these switches

its time to pull it apart and clean all the connections inside the switch

mine has done it on every bike i have owned

then adjust it so its spot on :D


i dont see the point in doing all that when he can get a new one for £6.93


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