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What Laptop?

Grumpy Old Git

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OK. I have an old laptop which is running ME (don't laugh). Upgrade to Windows 10 is not possible and, the battery only lasts for about an hour these days.

So... Time for a new laptop - I need one that will run Windows 10, I also need the longest battery life I can get. the use of the laptop will be (primarily) as a Navigational Plotter (it will be used to run the Nuno Plotter). Built in GPS would be a bonus.

Touch screen technology is acceptable (but not prefered).

Needs to have wireless connectivity as well as a LAN port.

i have an external DVD writer so don't need that.

needs to be fast 'paging' and have reasonable RAM.

HDD around 1TByte would be good.

Currently considering a Toshiba.

Options please (but keep the price reasonable).


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I've had Tosh laptops in the past and always been really impressed with them.. :D

To be honest a trip to your local staples or PC world will serve you if you don't want something super snazzy but equally my friends really recommend:

https://www.pcspecialist.co.uk/" onclick="window.open(this.href);return false;

I have to admit, I did a double take at ME!! :shock:

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to be honest most laptops will meet your spec for £250 - £750.

Ebuyer.co.uk is a great place to look. But would suggest go to currys/pcworld find the laptop you like and then look for it on the internet. If you find it cheaper great, if not by from pc world/currys.

I have a HP 350G2 has everything you want (no touch screen) If you need a 1TB harddrive would suggest using an external, as you want an SSD for the laptop so it can be super fast and the 1TB drive are expensive atm.

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I'd get a laptop with a 1tb HDD and throw in a 256gb ssd in for a boot drive

Sent from my G7-L01 using Tapatalk


Unless youre processing huge files, 256SSD is likely plenty!

People with huge storage space in their machiens rarely have adequate backup procedures so when the inevitable happens and the disc crashes, or it gets stolen/soaked in tea, they tend to lose more stuff.

Keep your storage relatively small and have proper archiving/cloud backup procedures in place.. ;)

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I have 2x 128GB SSD's in raid 0 for my boot drive and games with a 2TB WD Black HDD for media files and such and a 320GB HDD for the very little stuff I need to keep backed up on my PC[emoji14]

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what are the uses for the laptop GOG

Is it just for Nuno Plotter? as this can also run on a tablet and given that you can get some rugged cases for tablets and some great mounts maybe that would be better than taking a laptop?

then get a laptop for home use if you need to?

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Decided on the Asus E403 (as the best 'compromise' between a Tablet (runing Windows 10) and a Laptop).

Cheap enough to 'throw away' in about 3-years time.

Will do what I need.


And at £217 (free postage) it is definitely affordable - PC World price is £229.99.

Thank you for all your input - especially about storage options.


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