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Clutch pulled, tapping noise

Guest Kc9400

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Morning all,

Noticed this morning but I can't put my finger on where the noise is coming from.

When I pull the clutch in and the bike is rolling I hear a tapping noise, if I let the clutch out the noise stops.

Any suggestions on where to look first?

Cheers all.

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Shall give it a check later, only checked it a couple of days ago and the tension was good.

I did have my front tyre changed on Tuesday, so guess I should check all that aswell..... and I have also recently changed the clutch and brake lever but that was last week and haven't had any noise (at least not like that tapping) until today.

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Can you feel the noise through the footpegs?


No, can't feel it through them. I'll get it up on the stand at the weekend that will probably make it easier to workout where the noise is coming from.


take the stone out of the tyre tread


Ha. I wish it was that simple ;)

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And the tapping noise has gone away. But I now have a new noise.

This time I know what is causing the new noise but I can't figure out how to stop it.

Basically the new noise is being caused by my brake pads..... the pads themselves are rattling around. So after braking they're moving back then braking again they're tapping forward. I think the copper grease may have caused this so I'm going to wipe them clean and see if it stops.

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