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Just completed my CBT, however....

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Hey guys i just completed my CBT and i get my bike on tuesday which i am very happy about. However i made many mistakes whilst on the road, and unlike my friends the instructor only gave minor instructions about commands such as performing life/saver. He made me aware of shoulder checking but not when to do it or any method of remembering techniques to use on the road. He even said i just was able to pass my CBT. Any advice as i feel not 75% sure about the road when i get on it.



p.s. i live in Basingstoke

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Find a decent school and ask them if you can have an hour or so with them to give you some pointers. You don't say how old you are or whether you can already drive but get a copy of the highway code and read it! 8-)

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Well done for being aware that you've still got a lot to learn. As has everybody who's just got through the CBT. Try to get a proper lesson, maybe a couple of hours, to consolidate those skills and flag up any problem areas. I'd be slightly worried that my friends were telling me stuff that the instructor hadn't discussed - maybe you are just a natural and the instructor didn't need to say a lot, or on the black side, maybe the instructor was more concerned with getting you onto the road, another success for his school. I'd say a proper lesson or two is a must - your friends may be right but they may be giving you wrong advice, too. Well done on your success so far.

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grats on your cbt, and have fun on your new bike.

Lifesavers/Shoulder check i tend to do whenever i perform a slow manuover. Like at a junction, when pulling away, u-turning and changing lanes ... all things that you need to do for your mod 1 test.

have fun

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I found this for you Deadraa...

There are six occasions when it is appropriate to do an observation/lifesaver:

i). Moving or turning to the right - including moving round parked vehicles, turning into a side road or changing lane.

ii). Moving or turning to the left - including turning into a side road, moving back to the left having passed a large stationary vehicle, pulling into the side of the road or changing lanes.

iii). Speeding up - either by going into a higher speed limit or pulling away from a standstill.

iv). Slowing down - again entering a lower speed limit, approaching a junction/hazard/roundabout or slowing to stop.

v). Where there is the potential to slow down - approaching green traffic lights, pedestrian crossings, unexpected hazards (horses) or in the event you feel you may have to stop suddenly (children playing by the side of the road).

vi). Updates - keeping a reasonably regular update on what is going on behind you. This can be done just using your mirrors.

That pretty much sums up lifesavers! And there's got to be loads of YouTube videos that will show you when they're needed. You'll pick it up in no time, I wouldn't be surprised if 90% of bikers didn't fully get lifesavers on their CBTs.

I'm a big believer that you only learn how to drive/ride properly once you've passed your test (or CBT) and get some time on the road under your belt but your school sound like a shower of sh*t. They don't seam to have set you up for success very well.

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I didn't come out of my CBT feeling all that confident, did a little top-up session the following day (with a different training centre) and it made all the difference. I recommend it highly!


I did similar and doing 2 CBT's I found very useful, I was much more confident on road and bike...

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