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CBR600 F3 - very loud rattle


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Well on the way back from a good ride, came to the last round about before home and the bike just died. Started it up and it sounded like a tractor and then died again on low revs.

Nursed it back the mile to home and initially I thought one of the header pipes had come loose (hence the very loud noise) but when stopped I gave it a little revs and it has a very loud rattle around the top end which increases with the revs and then goes at idle.

I am thinking valve/ timing issue as cam chains tend to rattle at idle and then goes on revs. Or could it be the big end :(

Any quick checks I can do myself with a manual/ youtube before trailering it down to a garage? I'm not a mechanic but also not a monkey with a spanner.

Thanks in advance!

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Started her up this morning and was running fine! Will take her out for a gentle spin and see if it starts again when hot.

I think you guys are right and that it is the CCT but freaked me out last night as it was bonkers loud

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9 times out of 10 it's the tensioner.

But with the F3 and F2 I've heard some horror stories that report snapped valves and buggered plugs. I wonder if the ones put in there as stock had a problem with the batch as this isn't the first time I've heard of this problem.

Either that or someone fitted knock off NGK plugs, which fail badly :shock:

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was just thinking you might want to stick it on a dyno to make sure its fuelling ok

If its running lean that could be the cause of the blown plug and you maybe doing more damage!

be worth it for peace of mind if nothing else

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