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shark SKWAL L.E.D double black

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Lets get straight into this

First off buying this helmet the interior was SUPER ABRASIVE! To the point of casuing several rashes on my face and forehead for the first week or so due to its mesh like "hygenic design"

However this thing now fits like a dream! Comfortable snug but a little tightaround the cheeks still as i keep biting the inside of my mouth when i talk .. (Expected)

The noise level is superb its like being in a little bubble there are small gaps behind the ears that could probably do with a little more padding as wind seems to get up there a little some times but other than that great

The visor is quite stiff if im honest a bugger to open wichis a pain in the arse tilting the whole helmetback to then have to re-adjusted the helmet (this could be down to the individual helmet)

There are cut aways at each ear for a Bluetooth set to fit nicely and also cut aways on the lining at the temple head area to slid you glesses into. i ware glasses and this is a superb touch if riding lobg periods as it stops the frame digging into your head

Comes with a free pinlock wich love! Theres a huge advantage to the pin lock system and realy love it

The helmet has a drop down interior sun visor however the lever is a bit hard to find all be it stuck on the side of the visor mount i seem to fumble abiut for it every time i use it

The overall look of the helmet isnt that bad although ive changed my mind on style since ive started riding

The double black colour scheme is a bit of a problem the matte black marks easily and the gloss black well get finger prints all over it so cant realy win :lol:

And the main thing everybody is wondering about.... The L.E.Ds ok so first off il start by saying yes they work great and look brilliant! There bright easy to turn on (a little too easy) more on that later the problem is.its a fadd...... Simple as that its a pain in the arse to charge every day after use it doesn't last long if not used and even if your not using them when you put the helmet down the pressure button turns the lights on and runns your batteries down needlessly.i stupidly baught.this helmet based on the L.E.D system and to be qiite honest ive used it once and cant be arse to fanny about looking for the charger to keep usijg it let alone i dont realy ride at night to wich youl only benefit using them in the first place

All in all this is a great helmet super comfortable but a money pit for.the impulsive buyer such as my self.... Honest opinion? Your paying for some fancey lights on your helmet i payed £290

For mine and to be quite frank theres better looking helmets out there with the same comfort factor and safty aspects for half the price. Dont let the smiley salesman conn you into buying this for the sake of a few l.e.ds in ye lid.... But if your genuinely like the look of.these lids then go for the all matte black Or something with graphics that pop

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I have exactly the same helmet. I had to peel away a layer of foam from the padding in the cheeks because it was so tight. The sun visor is great. The breath guard restricts the view but is very effective along with pinlock such that I cannot get the visor to mist over even if I try. The LEDS are very effective.

Recommended if you ride all year round and in the dark.

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I got my Shark Sqwal a few months ago form the Manchester Bike show. Mine is white with black/grey graphics

Really like it.

I havn't noticed a problem with the abrasion of the interior, I normally wear a thin balaclava to help keep the iterior clean, this my be why I don't notice a problem.

Pinlock is much better then my previous helmet, on my last helmeet the top edge was almost in line of sight, the Shark is barely visible.

Sun visor is great, easy to use, dont have any problems with it being stiff

Still havn't made my mind up about he LED's, I don't think they are bright enough.

I think the chin strap lock is not secure enough, it only needs a very light pull to release the ratchet.

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