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clutch cover gasket


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so the bikes currently on 18000 miles and to be honest the clutch is shagged. picked the bike up for 100 quid a while ago with 16000 miles on it fluffed it up a bit and been riding it ever since. but recently i've noticed the clutch slips when changing gear and biting point is at the end of the lever travel.so have all the bits bought to change the friction plates, new clutch springs, new clutch cable and while the clutch cover is off i may as well change the oil and filter! but theres one thing im worried about. the clutch cover gasket is damn near impossible to get a hold of! i dont know what they are made out of on my engine. rubber or paper gasket, so the question is. if i manage to get the cover off ok without splitting the gasket would a bit of high temperature sealant meant for thermostats, oil sumps etc do the job ok or is it worth getting gasket paper and having a go at making a gasket myself? oh incase anyone wants to know its a suzuki vl125 intruder with the little v twin engine

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:stupid: However, I would use gasket paper (thick greasproof paper).

Method (whatever material you use):

1. Clean the gasket face on the cover.

2. Lay the material on a flat surface.

3. Apply a smear of oil to the mating surface (gasket face) on the cover.

4. Place (carefully) face down onto the material - quick press and lift vertically up. The material should now have an 'impression' of the shape for the gasket.

5. Cut out carefully with craft knife or sharp scissors.

One new Gasket!


Done this loads of times with no leaks after fitting.


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