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Daelim Daystar DataTool S4C alarm problems.


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So I left the keys in my Daelim Daystar 125 and drained the battery, no big deal, I have a charger and have done this before.

However It wasn't completely dead as this time, unlike before, once I removed the battery the alarm started going off and couldn't be stopped, the key fob just stopped it for 30 seconds and it started right back up again.

Reconnecting the battery did nothing as, I'd imagine, it didn't have enough power to do anything.

Long story short after an hour the alarm tone changed from a series of chirps to a different, slower series of chirps to finally a single chirp per second, we put it inside and let the alarm drain its backup battery overnight while the battery trickle charged.

Come this morning, go to hook it all back up again and soon as the battery gets connected, alarm goes off continuously and without being able to turn it off again with the key fob at all, had to remove battery and let it drain itself again, thankfully it didn't take long.

Now before I removed the battery again this morning I tried to start the bike up however no electrical response what so ever came from the bike other than the alarm starting back up again, no lights no nothing.

All that changed when the key was turned was the tone of the alarm from the 1 per seconond chirp to a more alarm-y series of chirps. Not sure what this means.

After fully charging the battery I hooked it back up again and the alarm went off, turning the key kept the alarm on, key fob did nothing, disconnected battery and let the alarm die again, also didn't take very long.

Maybe 30 minutes later I tried again to connect the battery and nothing happened, no alarm, no lights, no response from turning the key or using the key fob.

completely non responsive. left the battery in it as it isn't causing the alarm to go off anymore but the bike is just an expensive brick with wheels right now.

I'm hoping by leaving it connected and praying next time I go down there it'll just work. I'm officially out of ideas.

Things of note:

Bike: Daelim Daystar 125 2011 reg "Black Plus" (note, no kickstarter on this bike)

Alarm: DataTool S4 or S4C, I believe it's the "red" model, I wasn't the owner of the bike when it was installed.

I'm really very poor and very unable to pay the £100 minimum it'd cost to get this thing dragged to a garage and fixed, even assuming nothing needs replacing.

How can I reset the alarm, or indeed remove it entirely, without killing the bike?

Is the bike already dead?

also of note, my general skill/knowledge level is for bikes is pretty low however I do know a lot about computers so if someone out there has a dead PC and wants to trade knowledge/time I can probably work out what's wrong with your PC.

For whatever that's worth.

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