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Clip on Handlebars


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Word up peeps.

Quick question - when I was getting my fork seals done the guys put my clips on's back slightly wonky - the right is a bit further away from the tank if that makes sense.

Is it literally as easy as undoing the clips on the forks,straightening it out and doing it up super tight?? I saw that video a while back of a racer who's clip on falls off and it's terrified me! :shock:

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Sounds like either the yolks are twisted or they have straightened them out which has now shown a potential problem

If it's the yolk that's twisted you can lossen everything off and straighten it out

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Oh this is why I didn't want to ask because I just knew it was going to be something worse than I thought :lol: thanks forum dad

hmm I have to take the front fairing off tomorrow to fix my indicator so hopefully then I can get a better look at everything.

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I'm home!

Here is what I would do

remove the front wheel and slacken all the bolts on one fork to allow you to remove it! if the fork moves relatively easy then your yolks are lined up

if its a bugger to remove and wont line back up when trying to put it back then they are twisted

you cant always see if they are out of alignment by the eye and removing a fork leg helps

if all is well with the yolks then they may have been twisted and now they are straight they could be showing a problem!

you may have a bent clipon or the lock stops could be bent allowing the bars to turn more one way than the other

I honestly cant see the yolks been twisted to be fair as they would have had a nightmare of a job trying to put the forks back on!

let us know how you get on :)

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