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Module 1 Test requirements

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Does anyone know anything about the "185 days" rule to take the motorcycle Module 1 test - i.e. you should have lived in the UK for 185 days prior to taking the test?

I went for my MOD 1 test yesterday and I wasn't allowed to take the test because I have moved in the UK 5 months ago.

I come from non-EU country, Serbia, with General Tier 2 visa (LEAVE TO ENTER) work-permit with duration of 3 years.

I have UK Provisional Driver's License that I received by filling out the D1 form and sending my BRP as proof of residency.

I have also passed the CBT and theory test.

I did some research and the best explanation I have is that the examiner made a mistake (he didn't know the law) and I was fully eligible to take the test.

I have read all the requirements regarding the practical tests and all I was able to find regarding the "185 days" rule is that if you want to take the test on your EU license you should have lived here for 185 days, which doesn't apply to me.

Per requirements on their and school's website I was fully eligible to take the test - i.e. required documents: UK provisional (or full) driver's license, CBT and theory test.

Has anyone had any similar problems or know anything about it? Am I wrong or I was eligible indeed?

I tried calling DVSA, but waited for 15 minutes this morning and they haven't answered. I have sent them an email and hope that they are going to reply soon.



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Well that's a tricksy one.... as far as I can tell the 185 rule applies for exchanging a licence only.

You only need to be here for 180 days to apply for a provisional. And surely if they give you a provisional you should be able to use it to take the test. I am also unsure but would lean towards examiner making a mistake? EEP I am normally wrong though :lol:

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It turns out that the examiner has made a mistake. I have juts received a reply from DVSA, explaining my situation (of course, I didn't tell them that I wanted to complain but only asked if I was eligible):


Dear Nikola

Thank you for your email dated 10 May.

As long as you have a valid cbt and cat A theory certificate you can take the module 1 test.

You can book you test here.

Yours sincerely,


It was very unfair and unprofessional that the examiner (and his boss's who he called) didn't know the law. I guess my only option is to apply for the test again and this time I have an email from DVSA as a proof. If I could get refund that would be good, since it is quite expensive.

Edit: Seems like the rule of 185 days only applies if you want to exchange your EU license or take the tests with your EU license, which certainly doesn't apply to me. :(

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Yes, I will definitely complain. I just need instructor's signature as a proof that this happened, which I am going to get as soon as possible.

In the meantime, I am glad that I don't have to wait any longer to do the tests.

Hopefully I can at least get the refund for the escorting with instructor, because that part is expensive.

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