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Clutch pull


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Total newbie to riding and just purchased a Sinnis max 2 (new)

On delivery clutch was really tough so thought yesterday would do my first bit of maintenance, oiled all the cable and set about adjusting as biting point was at about 80% release of lever wanted it a bit closer this is where problems started, slaked cable off a bit and sure enough too much and stalled as soon as I put it in gear so tightened up same result so tighten a bit more and repeat... Clutch would just not disengage I ended up with a clutch cable as tight as a guitar string!

Then as im running out of room on adjuster put it in gear and had an initial drop as if it was going to stall but it recovered, let out clutch and sure enough no bite at all now... So slackened cable again and ended up right back where I first started (when slackened off) and now have a decent biting point but all through adjustment I get bike wanting to pull with clutch fully in, this happens even when it's tightened too much to bite that rear wheel off the ground and clutch fully in wheel will spin, I can stop with my hand but has to be firm and can feel it wanting to pull, yet same time on the bike and clutch fully released there isn't enough bite to move bike.

How I've got it now is small amount of slack on cable fully released, starts to bite around 50% released but fully in while bike will idle it wants to move, sitting on bike is enough to stop it actually moving but with no weight on bike standing next to it in gear and clutch in it creeps forward.

So few questions.

1, is it just normal? I'm comparing against cars as that's all I know do bikes always have a bit of clutch drag?

2, is it just because it's new? Only got about 20 miles on it so far so nowhere near run in

3, or is it a problem that I should be taking it back early to be looked at?

Also unknown if related but really struggle to find neutral with engine running, end up flicking between 1st / 2nd no matter how gentle I am yet with engine off get it there first time 90% of attempts

Being new to riding I am struggling at times balancing clutch etc... And accept a lot of it is practice but don't want my learning hampered by a faulty bike yet at same time if it is just me or just need to get some more miles on bike then I'll just keep on at it

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I find with neutrals, pull clutch lever all the way to the bar as you can. They then drop in much easier. If I leave my fingers between clutch and bar, it won't drop to neutral as happily.

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